Renting a Poorly Maintained Council or Housing Association Property?

You have a Legal Right to live in a safe and repair-free home. Our Housing Disrepair Experts can help you claim Compensation and ensure the repairs are carried out!
Please note: we may be able to help if you were placed in a private property by your council We can assist tenants in England and Wales; 18+ Age

This is a nationwide problem…

Over 11,000 have claimed
for housing disrepair in 2016

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What Can I Claim For?

  • Any Disrepair that has caused ill health to you or your family
  • Damp or Mould that is not caused by condensation
  • Broken/Faulty Boilers or Central Heating Systems
  • Leaking Roofs or Gutters
  • Broken/Rotten Windows or Doors
  • Broken Appliances such as Ovens, Hobs
  • Damaged/Defective Electrics, Lights or Sockets 

Damp/Damaged/Rotten Carpets or Flooring

Who Can I Claim Against?

You can make a claim against any council or housing association landlord in England and Wales. As a tenant of a residential property whether it is a house or a flat, you have certain rights. One of those rights is that the Council or Housing Association have a legal obligation to keep your home safe and in a reasonable state of repair. 

The Council or Housing Association have a duty to ensure that any defects that you reported to them are repaired in a timely manner. If they do not do that then Tenant Disrepair Helpline can help you claim compensation. 

Please note, unfortunately, we’re not able to help you if you are a tenant renting from a private landlord.

This is a nationwide problem…

Over 11,000 have claimed
for housing disrepair in 2016