Is taking legal action my only option?

No.  You are entitled to make a complaint to your landlord directly yourself.  If your complaint is not successful you can refer it to the Housing Ombudsman Service free of charge. Information on your rights as a tenant and on alternative means of dispute resolution is available here

How much will I recieve?

The amount you receive varies from case to case and depends on various factors including the extent of repairs required and how long you have been living with the disrepair.  The focus of the process is to secure the repairs required and restore your home.

Can you help me make a claim after I’ve moved out of the property?

We help people currently living within their properties to access justice and ask the court to ensure repairs are made 

Will it cost me anything?

Providing you are honest and co-operative with the process, it shouldn’t cost you a penny.  In some rare cases fees may be charged if the case is found to be fraudulent or if proceedings are cancelled without good reason.  In the majority of cases, even in the event of an unsuccessful claim all fees and liabilities are covered by the insurance taken when you sign the contract with the solictor.  All such fees and liabilities are detailed within the contract.  Copies of the contracts can be obtained in advance by request

How long will it take?

Every case is different and whilst some are resolved in as little as 3-4 months, some can take significantly longer to resolve. There is a timeline outlined by the Ministry of Justice, to which all parties work which details the processes involved and the ideal timescales involved.  This is available here.